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Long time, no chat. Here's our family on 25 August 2012 at Cadillac Ranch.

Patrick, Sam, Tiffany, and Brontė
(25 Aug 2012)

About the Goodman Family

Brontė is growing like a weed. Her favorite color (today) is purple; her favorite foods are apples, bananas, and bread; and her favorite animals are cats (she guesses). Her favorite movie is Tinker Bell. Her favorite hobby is dancing with George. She loves her Mommy, her Daddy, and her baby brother Sam. She's still learning to read and write, at a level that impresses her Mommy and her Daddy. She loves kids' folk music, Dan Zanes, dancing, photography, bossing around, playing with, and helping her brother, and playing her own video game. She still thinks Sam is "so cute!"

Sam's grown up a lot, and is becoming quite the big boy. He loves racing and cars and dinosaurs. His best friend is his Sissy. His favorite colors are yellow and green. His favorite foods are tomatoes, and bananas, and cucumbers (especially pickles). Oh, and blueberries and ice cream. And chocloate. He likes people and church, too. He still climbs just about anything.

Patrick is a husband, a father, a writer, a photographer, a roleplaying gamer, and a computer technician. He is going back to school, dedicating himself to simplifying his life. This is not anywhere near as easy as you might think, since he likes gadgets and stuff way too much for his own good.

Tiffany is a wife, a mother, and a homemaker. She knits, crochets, sews, paints, and sculpts. She has a romantic spirit, loves the Victorian era, and is always willing to try new things. She is also extremely supportive of her husband's vast array of weird hobbies.

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